Tractic is a real estate asset management platform that allows investors to analyze the performance of their portfolio in real time.


Comprehensive Overview

Tractic crunches the statistics for each of your investment properties and paints a picture of how your portfolio is REALLY performing based on more accurate data and metrics derived from your owner statements

Responsive Design

Tractic application is 100% responsive, so you can keep track of your assets across all devices including mobile phone, desktop/PC and tablet.

Custom Dashboards

Your portfolio summary which shows you how your portfolio (regardless of the number of investments you own!) compares to others in the same or even similar markets across the United States!

Proactive Tracking

Our team believes that the best way to identify whether or not your investments are working for you is to be ACTIVE when tracking your passive income. Allow Tractic to assist you in accomplishing your passive income objectives!

Platform Features


Tractic provides our users with THREE subscription options (below)

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How Can There Be More?!

And this is just the beginning...

Forecasts vs. Actuals

Allow Tractic's formulas and data sets to assist you in making future investment decisions by comparing your analysis assumptions (labeled as 'Forecasts') to transactions (labeled as 'Actuals')

CapEx & Transactional Data

Users can budget for CapEx replacement costs based on lifespan assumptions using investor data/metrics, much as transactional data (MoM, YoY, etc.) will be monitored for within Tractic in an easy-to-use & functional layout!

Dynamic Investment Strategy KPI Tracking

Tractic dynamically adjusts the associated field to allow users to keep track of the most essential information linked with their investments' success, regardless of the investment strategy they choose!



Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the platform

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